WHAT IS A transformational COACH?

Coaching inspires you to:
•    Live Fearlessly
•    Get excited about the limitless possibilities right in front of you
•    Exude incredible confidence and vibrant radiance everywhere
•    Energize your life and make “it” happen
•    Discover dormant dreams and believe your dreams can be your reality
•    Unleash your innate power
•    Look at yourself in a whole new light
•    Create an action plan for sustainable change...holding you accountable to stick to it
•    Seize all opportunities and move forward with a radiant smile

Coaches develop a sacred relationship with their clients, supporting and inspiring their life changes.  Coaches work to transform people's lives to reflect their true power, creativity and authenticity.   It's all about being your authentic self and peeling back the layers to uncover who that really is.  Incorporating compassionate listening with intuitive observations, coaches utilize a holistic approach encompassing awareness of body, mind, soul and spirit.  Joyous life transformations occur when exciting strategies and actions plans are put into place.  In the coaching/client partnership, I hold you accountable and put you to the test.  This in turn helps elicit miraculous change.


Coaches are NOT.......

•    THERAPISTS;  Coaches do not undertake serious psychological problems or addictions and will refer their clients to therapists if necessary.  

•    MENTORS; We don't offer our advice, expertise or connections within a particular industry.  

Coaches come to the table recognizing that everyone on this earth already possesses an abundance of gifts, inner wisdom and resourcefulness. A coach's job is to support their client to unleash what is already within themselves, waiting to burst through.

*As a Certified Professional Coach, my credentials derive from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and are base on the training I received from the “Coaching for Transformation” program at the New York Open Center.


“Coaching is a partnership that maximizes human potential. ”  
from 'Coaching for Transformation'