When you look good, you feel good.
It's that simple.

@ Chillin' amongst Swoon @ The Heliotrope Foundation exhibition. Blazer by Harbison, African skirt by Busayo, Red patent peep-toe shoes by Anya Ponorovskaya, Vintage bag, Ethiopian jewelry courtesy of h2 Empower.

@ Chillin' amongst Swoon @ The Heliotrope Foundation exhibition. Blazer by Harbison, African skirt by Busayo, Red patent peep-toe shoes by Anya Ponorovskaya, Vintage bag, Ethiopian jewelry courtesy of h2 Empower.

I love when the people around me feel good on the inside and look great on the outside.  One reason I love the city life and international travel is the pleasure I get just seeing people look fantastic and take their personal style seriously.  

It does matter how you portray yourself to the  world, as your appearance is a reflection of you.
A mood, a feeling, a state-of-mind--when you walk outside your door, your look provides visual clues for the world to decipher.

It's not about dressing up every day, but about attempting to look (and feel) your best.  

My mood definitely affects my style and I will admit there are many days when I need to bump up my fashion quotient.  I am aware--some days we are just not feeling it, but overall, I believe it's so important to engage and step into your personal style.  Throughout my life, I have transformed the style of many a friend and family member and have enjoyed every minute of it.  I've always loved a good makeover.


Do you know what you like, but just need a little help re-creating a new look for yourself?

Do you need some inspiration to push your style to the next level?

Are you one of those people that thinks you can only wear neutral colors… need to keep it safe and simple?

Then it's time to wake up out of your hum-drum style stupor and start to reflect your inner radiance on the outside.   

When you're ready to shift and transform your life, I'm of the firm belief that looking the part is essential.  If you need a little support, my team of professional stylists & I are here to hook you up!  Since we are located in New York City, the fashion capital of the world, we know where to shop, which designers would work for you, what works for your body name it.  

First step is diving into your closet.  In order to create your dream wardrobe, you have to start with the basics.  As they say, your closet is a reflection of you and your mindset.  After a little purging and reflection, we will know the best next step towards finding the essential key pieces for your new wardrobe. Then the fun begins...time to shop, as we tailor to your specific needs and budget.  There are a number of ways this can happen:
•    If you're not in the area or can't deal with the idea of shopping, then we can conduct a virtual style consultation, virtually preview your clothing, and shop online and ship directly to you.

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The Style Rejuvenation Program

A radical revamp of personal style for women who lost their way and desire to look and feel amazing with confidence and a fresh, chic wardrobe.

  • Has fashion taken a back seat in your life?

  • Is there a strong desire to get back to looking fabulous with confidence?

  • Are you sick of your clothes and have a packed closet with things you rarely wear?

  • Do you have difficulty knowing how to put outfits together, understanding the art of mixing and matching looks?

  • Do you second guess your fashion sense and want to learn style tricks of the trade to always look your best?

  • Are you hiding with dumpy, boring clothes and are ready to sing Diana Ross's anthem “I'm coming out. I want the world to know. Got to let it show.”

  • Do you feel like you have a limited wardrobe but just don't know what you need to spice it up?

What to expect during the Style Rejuvenation Program...

  • The awareness of the importance of looking your best.

  • Let go of feeling insecure because you aren't dressed appropriately

  • Release the shame of simply not understanding what looks best on you and how to mix and match.

  • The street is your personal runway. Get ready to begin to walk around town with confidence, radiating your inner glow on the outside through refreshed fashion and beauty

  • Looking your personal best will guarantee you feeling great on the inside, garnering respect and admirers in your career and relationships

  • Fashion is quantifiable. Incredible personal style has the potential for earning higher income. Yes, you can actually make more more money with the inner confidence from looking your best regularly.

What the Style Rejuvenation Program entails:

  • Filling out a Personal Style Questionnaire

  • Collection & Review of style inspirations – magazines and Pinterest Boards

  • Deep Closet Cleanse – purging lots of stuff! Joy & Fear collide, but you will feel amazing after the release

  • Review current wardrobe and create new looks from what you already own

  • Draft fashion wish list

  • Online shopping for all wish list items that will be shipped directly to client

  • Two Style Days – fittings, style overview

  • All new looks created will be documented and digital photos given to client

  • Styling 101: Hope will teach the keys of personal style and what works on you, paying attention to what you love, inspiring patience to reflect and care about daily outfits and current moods for wardrobe choices. Styling tips include the use of color, textures, fabrics, mood and the power of accessories.


Interested in seeing if my Style Rejuvenation program is right for you? Email me below to schedule your complimentary 30-minute Spark Style Session.

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