The Style Rejuvenation Day


The Style Rejuvenation Day


Are you sick of your wardrobe?

Have you finally admitted to yourself that you are talented at so many things in life, but putting together outfits is not really at the top of the list?

Do you avoid accessorizing because it feels like too much or you don’t know what goes with what?

Do you wear neutrals, avoiding prints or color because it’s easier?

Do you know what you like, but just need a little help re-creating a new look for yourself?

Do you need some inspiration to push your style to the next level?

Then it's time to wake up out of your hum-drum style stupor and start to reflect your inner radiance on the outside.   

When you're ready to shift and transform your life, I'm of the firm belief that looking the part is essential.  If the time is now and you desperately need to de-clutter your closet and find fresh ways to look amazing again, than take advantage of this incredible summer sale on The Style Rejuvenation Days.

The Style Rejuvenation Day is one day 5-6 hour project.

What to expect:

  • Deep Closet Cleanse – purging lots of stuff! Do your garments bring you joy? If not, out they go.

  • Shop in your Closet - Review current wardrobe and create multiple fresh, new looks from what you already own. - YEAH - this is powerful money saving technique.

  • Draft fashion wish list - items you will need to add to your wardrobe to round out your fabulous new looks.

  • Styling 101: Hope will teach the keys of personal style and what works on you, paying attention to what you love, inspiring patience to reflect and care about daily outfits and current moods for wardrobe choices. Styling tips include the use of color, textures, fabrics, mood and the power of accessories.

    *If you live in the Metro NYC area, NJ or Long Island, I do personal home visits for your Style Days. If you live outside of these areas, I offer VIRTUAL STYLE DAYS. Don’t sleep, these are quite effective. For VIRTUAL STYLE DAYS we can split the time into two 3- hour sessions over a 2-day span.

What clients have shared about the experience:

Hilary S.

Hope made me excited about fashion and style again! I decided to work with Hope because I wanted to build depth in wardrobe, appear more polished and professional, rejuvenate confidence. I learned to be less rigid in my thinking about putting style elements together. I can pick outfits out more quickly, which as streamlined my mornings. I feel like I've gotten my "groove" back and I'm more in touch with the person I really am than the "tired mom" I've been for a while. I've also realized that I really always had a great "look" even though I didn't believe it. Having an organized closet is a giant relief.

***NOTE - With Hilary, we did a complete Style Rejuvenation wardrobe revamp over a few months span. A year later, after looking fabulous every day, she called to tell me she landed her dream job after years of applying for that one position and never getting it. Major Bonus: Her new position garnered her $50,000 increased income for the year.

Incredible Personal style = Confidence = More Money.

Alex J.

“Hope is always so confident in her individual style. I loved seeing what she would wear when we dropped our kids off at school! I was rebranding my health + life coaching business, and wanted to up my style in a big way - but how to start? I knew Hope could help! We spent a lot of time sifting through the emotions I had about personal style, showing up bold and powerful, and how hard it was to get rid of certain things in cleaning out my closet. The emotional support was really necessary to move forward and feel like "I owned" my style. 

I learned that clothes and style are emotional, but that we can change! I now have a lot more confidence in choosing outfits for important occasions, speaking, and even buying new items that I wouldn't have before. I loved the feeling of clarity when I open my closet. Nothing in there is wasting space. Nothing feels heavy anymore. It's a place of beauty.”

Check out Alex Jamieson's article on her style revamp with Hope here:  "Why I Sold My Oscar Dress." Plus a fun and enlightening podcast interview with Hope on Alex's Her Rules Radio.

Robin F.

I decided to work with Hope after she worked with my friend and I saw a noticeable difference in how she presented herself. She maintained her own personal style, but just looked more put together. I had been feeling very down about my weight and my wardrobe. I had a closet full of clothes I could no longer wear and I felt like I had nothing to wear whenever I went somewhere. I was in a leggings and sweats funk. I I’ve always admired Hope’s personal style, so I knew I would be in good hands with her, and I just needed someone I could trust, both to dig through my closet which is such an intimate thing, and to have a great eye and point of view on what I should be wearing, and what I should let go of.

We went through my clothes, and Hope helped me to see how much I already had and gave me confidence that certain things were not out of style, even though I had them for a long time. She encouraged me to wear the things I loved and not worry about them being exactly on trend. This is something that I believe in my heart too, but I needed a reminder and the reinforcement of a trusted style maven. Hope also encouraged me to part with things that she felt weren’t flattering, or ‘had seen better days.” She also went through the clothes that I had that did work, and made a shopping list for me of items that I needed to buy to round out my wardrobe and create outfits.

I also realized that even though I care about what I look like, in that I want to look good and feel critical of my appearance, I learned that I had really stopped making an effort, and that I needed to put a little energy into making myself shine. Hope also reminded me that I do have great taste, and that I should trust my own instincts more instead of relying on labels or comparing myself to other peoples’ style. I also feel much more confident, attractive and stylish when I venture out. I’m making more of an effort, but it feels easy.

Take advantage of this Summer Sale - ending July 27th

If you look good, you feel good.

(We do offer extended Style Rejuvenation Programs that includes personal shopping.)

Email with any questions:

*Upon purchasing a Style Rejuvenation Day, you will receive our Style Questionnaire and we will reach out to schedule your appointment.

*Should you desire additional services such as personal shopping to freshen up your wardrobe with new pieces, this service is available for an additional fee. Feel free to discuss with Hope.

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