Radiant Deluxx Session


Radiant Deluxx Session


The Radiant Deluxx Session is a virtual VIP Intensive 2 hour Premium Private Coaching Session with Hope McGrath

Who benefits from the Radiant Deluxx Session:

  • Creatives and changemakers who yearn for clarity, direction and healing on pressing concerns with love and work within a focused short period of time

  • One who desires change but feels stuck and needs support make serious shifts

  • One who is open to experience intuitive healing, mindfulness practices and masterful coaching techniques all lead to the creation of a unique Life's Passion Plan with set goals and actionable steps and someone to hold you accountable to your dreams.

  • This Radiant Deluxx Session is a couture experience, perfectly tailored to you. An in depth questionnaire will have to be filled out.

Hope specializes in supporting clients who are:

  • Single ladies who desire to find true love but they are blocked and need to unearth what is in the way.
  • Women in unhealthy , negative relationships that need to get out and free themselves from the drama and unhappiness
  • Women who want to take their career to the next level, but confidence, anxiety and lack of clarity is in the way
  • Loneliness persists despite a full life and they want to feel more balance and joy
  • Obsessions with past mistakes are making it difficult to move forward...time for some clearing and healing
  • Clients have big dreams, but are going in circles, never accomplishing those things they really desire. Fear and procrastination stop them dead in their tracks. Those dream projects stay on the back burner.
  • Wellness in mind, body and spirit needs to be rejuvenated

What to expect:

  • Clarity in rediscovering your authentic power & what's in the way of your dreams...followed by insights on how to shift.

  • Stress-relief and peace of mind with newfound awareness

  • Mindfulness contemplation practices for increased joy

  • You receive your exclusive Life's Passion Plan with clear intentions, goals and inspired action steps

  • 110% Accountability towards forward movement

  • Follow ups via email and text

  • A voucher for discounts on Hope's Premium Coaching Programs

For testimonials from Hope's clients check out a few of her raves here.

With your purchase and we will schedule your premium Radiant Deluxx VIP Intensive with Hope...either via Skype, Phone or in-person in NYC.

Radiant Deluxx bonuses include:

  • Hope's guided meditations (video and audio)
  • Discounts on Premium Coaching Programs


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