Passion Peak 30-Day Private Premium Coaching Program

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Passion Peak 30-Day Private Premium Coaching Program

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The Passion Peek Private Premium Coaching Program offers an empowering extended Discovery Session where you experience a rediscovery of your authentic self, which is a total game-changer. Sick of being single? Want to make a professional shift but don’t know what the next move is or can’t take the leap? Feeling miserable and stagnant? Relationship trouble? We got this together. With our coaching your world opens up and you get unblocked to make moves.

You will experience a powerful enlightening guided visualization that will offer intuitive answers for you. Within this powerful mini-coaching program, you will discover what’s necessary to shift your pain points by receiving empowering tips and mindful practices to make progress towards feeling more positive and releasing what is no longer working. As you are introduced to new ways of being and began new rituals, the possibilities open up. We then review your goals and blank spaces, then carve out an custom Passion Plan for you. You will create specific action steps towards reaching your personal goals. One of the strongest components to the Passion Peak Premium Coaching Program is the unequivocal accountability offered to you. When you know someone is there to hold you accountable to our dreams, more often than not, you step into action!

Fear gently takes a backseat and bravery, openness, and lightness shine through. This intro package will expand the mind, ignite an incredible breakthrough and offer clarity through an empowering action plan. This is just the beginning. Here you are offered a sneak peek into the radical transformation that can unfold should you decide to go further into the coaching process with Hope.

What you will receive:

  • Inspiration and clarity. The beginning of actions being taken towards goals. Teachings on mindfulness, the benefits of intuitive healing and much more.

    • One 90- minute private Discovery session with Hope via Skype or phone

    • Two Follow Up 60- minute coaching sessions

    • Unlimited email or text check-ins for support in between sessions

    • A personalized post-session email detailing your weekly coaching assignments, challenges

    • A detailed action Passion Plan plan dependent on your ideal goals and intentions.

    • 100% support, real talk, and transformational coaching expertise and partnership

    • These are the first steps to finding authentic love, healing your heart and overcoming fear to take action towards your dreams

      Feel free to reach out with any questions at

      Upon confirmation, you will receive a Welcome Kit with a questionnaire and the initial Discovery Session will be scheduled.

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