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I decided to work with Hope because I was at a turning point in my relationship and wanted additional outside support and guidance. In addition, there was a constant feeling of overwhelm, disorganization and a desire for perfection. I wanted to know myself better and gain more inner clarity. What was so revolutionary for me was the way Hope helped me tap into my inner wisdom and basically enabled me to give myself advice -— such an enlightening and unique experience. It showed me that I already had all the answers, I just needed to listen more closely to myself. It made me feel more confident as I didn’t feel the need to rely on as much outside advice and approval.

When I started working with Hope, the metaphor I used to describe my life was that I was in a dark box but I could see that there was a bright door somewhere nearby, there was just something blocking me from getting there. Fast forward 6 months and I had found that door and was now outside in a beautiful field with lots of paths to chose from, feeling free but still needing clarity in direction - fast forward another 6 months and I have found my ideal path and am now strolling along it with my life partner. Hope has truly helped me through the most pivotal points in my life - from a tough breakup to now being married to my soul-mate. Hope taught me the importance of loving and appreciating myself before being able to fully love and appreciate someone else. Through little tips and insights Hope was able to help me re-discover many of my personal passions and skills that I’m excited to continue cultivating. Uplifting, supportive, motivating and enlightening is how I would describe my experience working with Hope.

Steph S.,

Impact Investor, Social Entrepreneur, Creative Spirit

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Transponder. Instigator of action. Exuberant.These are the words that reflects  Hope and our work together. Every session with Hope left me Inspired and motivated to tackle my goals. I was introduced to Hope through my best friend based in NYC; I can whole heartedly say her joyful nature truly radiates across oceans and time zones, as I am based in Hong Kong and have not had the pleasure to meet Hope in person.  Hope is steadfast and committed to my personal growth; with her in my corner, i learned to tap into my inner strength and wisdom. Hope is a transponder, our work together shed a lot of light and insights in to the dark cracks and corners that was holding me back. When I was impatient, Hope reminded me of my intuition and patience, when I felt overwhelmed by doubt, she helped me get clear on what It is i really wanted out of this journey we called life. My work with Hope has been transformative, life changing and elevated my day to day Way of living. I am forever grateful to have connected with such a strong and empowering soul.

Sandra L.

Arts Educator/ Artist


Working with Hope can be describes as life-changing, magical, spiritual, enlightening. I believe I have learned more with my time with Hope than I have for most of my adult life. I had focused so much on my career that I found myself lost at 34 years old.  I felt as though my life was spinning out of control, and I didn't have a mechanism in which to take control.

I have seen so many life changes that years of therapy never caused me to actually implement. I sincerely took steps to better my life and I’ve never done that before. It was daunting and scary, and came with a lot of tears and fear, but I am happier for it. Working with Hope made me find solutions to my problems and made me listen to my inner voice to find answers to my life questions. I think I always searched to others for answers and working with Hope helped me rely on myself for the answers, which has been empowering and useful for so many life decisions. The great thing about Hope is her techniques GUIDE you to your own answers. Since meeting her, I have taken so many leaps of faith, which I never would have had I not met her.  She is a true blessing!

At a certain point, I hated myself for a variety of reasons. I grew to hate the relationships I had formed, my attitude towards life, my relationship with my family, etc. Hope taught me to first and foremost love myself, forgive myself and rely upon myself. It hasn’t been an easy task, but daily I learn through self-love practices and through her coaching to love and be kind to myself. At the point that I hired Hope, I didn’t think that I could be happy, but HAPPINESS COMES FROM WITHIN. Hope provides that guidance and allows you to find a path that will bring you happiness (through well thought out steps).

After our coaching sessions I feel as though there is a huge weight lifted off of me. Hope has such a positive spirit and vibe and transfers the positivity to you. I think she is one of most special people in my life; she has such a huge heart and shares that heart with you in each session.
I also truthfully didn’t even know at the basic level what I wanted out of life. Hope helped me figure all of that out, and to reach for my dreams and much more. She gave me the ability to grow into myself that has been inspiring to myself and those around me. She is my biggest blessing; she saved my life.

- Amy S., CEO - Real Estate Development and Asset Management Company


Refreshing. Productive. Supportive. Revelations; my words to describe working with Hope.  Some key factors that led me to work with Hope were a lack of work/life balance, a desire to combat low self-esteem and a need for direction in career transition and reassessing my goals. I was surprised by how immediately helpful Hope was in pin-pointing little things I could do or change in my day-to-day life to improve my overall well being. Sometimes the assignments were personally challenging but extremely important and helpful. I am surprised at the amount of positive changes in my life that happened within three months. I was living with my significant other which-- while I loved him very much-- was effecting my overall well being. With the self-awareness I gain from Hope's coaching, I smoothly transitioned from living with my boyfriend to moving in with a friend and regained a much needed sense-of-self. She also provided me personal contacts to discuss a job (which I now love) that I was on the fence about. Most importantly, Hope taught me how to say "no" to people in a positive and effective manner, a skill I use daily.  She also taught me how to plan for my next day the night before which has greatly improved my work/life balance. After each coaching session with Hope, I feel revitalized and hopeful. 

Kristin S. - Art Consultant

On The Style Rejuvenation Program...


Hope is always so confident in her individual style. I loved seeing what she would wear when we dropped our kids off at school! I was rebranding my health + life coaching business, and wanted to up my style in a big way - but how to start? I knew Hope could help! We spent a lot of time sifting through the emotions I had about personal style, showing up bold and powerful, and how hard it was to get rid of certain things in cleaning out my closet. The emotional support was really necessary to move forward and feel like "I owned" my style. 

I learned that clothes and style are emotional, but that we can change! I now have a lot more confidence in choosing outfits for important occasions, speaking, and even buying new items that I wouldn't have before. I loved the feeling of clarity when I open my closet. Nothing in there is wasting space. Nothing feels heavy anymore. It's a place of beauty.

Check out Alex's article on her style revamp with Hope here:  "Why I Sold My Oscar Dress." Plus a fun and enlightening podcast interview with Hope on Alex's Her Rules Radio.

-Alexandra Jamieson

Holistic Health Coach, Life Coach, Author

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Soulful, targeted, fun, supportive is how I describe my experience working with Hope. I didn't realize how much change in my life I was yearning for. Hope helped me tap into that and gain clarity. Because of my work with Hope, I made radical transformations, including leaving what I thought was my "dream" job, leaving New York City--the place I thought I would live in forever, and letting myself follow my own creative pursuits, which turns out to be all my heart has ever wanted! With Hope, I learned how be aware of and accept my Higher Truth/Self. I learned how to be more grounded and get a grasp of where I belong and to better trust my instincts. Hope helped me learn to laugh at and love myself more deeply than I ever realized was necessary. She helped me learn that I am made of unconditional love and that is what I deserve in a life partner. Plus she connected me with healers to do energy work, which really helped me drop some residual negative energy I had.  It felt like the kind of love and support that was so perfectly customized just for me; it didn't feel as if any book or class was going to give me this kind of personalized learning. I think I (and many others) think a session with a coach might be like working with a therapist; these sessions are not like that at all. It felt very conversational which felt natural. Hope was so good at going from soul searching to action plans. One moment we were getting incredible insights from visualizations and then Hope would elegantly pivot to suggest concrete actions that felt manageable and appropriate for the new insights.  While our Skype sessions were really where a lot of my big insights came, Hope was also really accessible and responsive via text and email between our sessions. That continued support was really helpful during some extreme feelings and changes that I chose to make. After each session, I felt effervescent--- thrilled that I had gained clarity and empowered because there were action steps I could take to make my awareness concrete and move forward.

- Maggie P. Chang - Artist


Effective. Powerful. Intuitive. Transformational. This is how I describe my work with Hope. I was at my bottom, even though I was supposedly doing what I wanted. I knew that I couldn't do it by myself anymore and I also realized that I didn't have to. The first time I met Hope, I knew she had an extraordinary gift and referred to her to my best friend. I witnessed closely how my friend's life transformed. So, I knew I had to be ready. Every session is different and I started to learn to enjoy the process. I am amazed every time, how she can tap into what I need from moment to moment. I've received countless surprises about myself and there is still so much more to uncover. I didn't know how deep a coaching session can be and always left with more insights and therefore felt empowered every time. I have learned so much along the way in six months, but one thing I know for sure---anything is possible. Overall, I feel much more connected to myself, my desires, my loved ones. I am also a lot more grateful. Coaching with Hope is like working hand in hand with an angel on your innermost dreams! 

Tigist - Actor, Activist and Founder of Selam Productions and GOURSHA.

I truly believe it was the Universe's doing and the Law of Attraction which led me to hire Hope as a life coach. I had just previously suffered a terrible trauma and loss and was in the darkest place in my life. When I was introduced to Hope's work, I was determined to heal from my loss and not dwell in sorrow. Life gave me lemons and I was determined to make lemonade! Working with Hope is empowering, enlightening, transforming and grounding. What was most unexpected was the discovery of my inner wise self. I found that beyond all my fears, worry and negativity lived a strong, empowered, calm, wise self who knew exactly how to care for herself and move on. This communication has been incredibly humbling, grounding and a profound experience. I learned a whole new style of self-care beyond just a manicure/pedicure or a glass of wine. It's a self-care for the soul that many of us neglect in our busy, hectic lives. For me, it's been so satisfying to observe the benefits of a meditation practice, gratitude lists, a powerful affirmation and visualizations. I realized that this was the style of living that I have craved, but was too resistant. Hope has guided me, validated me, supported and empowered me to stay on this quest and seek out more strategies for self care and living my best self. After our coaching sessions I feel lighter, calmer, more open, have more faith and trust myself and others. Hope has been my tour guide in navigating my true inner self. She is a true inspiration to me!

- Melanie K.

Mother, Teacher, Artist, Musician,

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Working with Hope is reminiscent of two little butterflies hanging together before flying away to show the world their beauty! I began working with Hope as part of my coaching certification requirement plus I needed some support in helping me figure how to handle all the tasks without compromising my self care. I would describe working with Hope as fun, loving, compassionate & creative. Hope has a unique ability to hold a sacred space for me to show up as my true authentic self. I have always held sacred spaces for other people and having the opportunity to have some else do it for me in the most nurturing & challenging way was what I really needed at that time in my life. What has been the most revealing for me is to always put my self first! If I am healthy and fully aligned with my value, I can really be in service of others. In the past, I always put myself last, as everyone else took priority. I have now learned how to be fully connected to what my needs are. After each session, I always felt very uplifted and ready to tackle any unexpected life challenges with an open mind.

Hasani R.

Transformational Coach + Co Founder VMWorks 

2015-09-29 20.04.39.jpg

Enjoyable, Impactful, Dynamic, Powerful are words to describe working with Hope. She helped me create an internal blueprint to understand past experiences and form the creation of a positive future. I felt like some things in my life had become stagnate, I liked the idea of having someone to guide and hold me accountable.  I didn’t really know what to expect going into it, but the working relationship just had a very natural and organic flow to it. After each coaching session, I felt that there was a big release and shift...and that a refueling of energy had taken place. It was really interesting to at the end of the process look back at all the things that had shifted and I had accomplished.  I have seen the changes and the benefits which is the best thing.  All of that has led me to approaching things in a different way, and overall I do feel happier.

Rashia B., Interior Designer & Fashion Consultant

Feven image.jpeg

I was in a place where I felt stuck... couldn't move forward with my career or love life. I needed to have a more in depth connection with the people around me and most importantly get more connected with my authentic self.  I'm most surprised by how much I accomplished in such short time working with Hope. I was able to sign my first client right after a couple of sessions and was able to take immediate action towards the things I want and need in life in quick succession. I have more confidence now to ask for what I want in life. My most important relationships have been strong and more loving. I have clarity on what I want In life.  Working with Hope I feel like a beautiful, colorful butterfly flying freely, yet with a strong sense of safety and authenticity. I feel inspired, supported and am more aware of what I want and how I can achieve it. 

-Feven S.

Health Coach for Eshi Wellness, Professional Colorist

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Before I met Hope I was feeling like I needed more clarity and support around my romantic life and my career. I was referred by a mutual friend who spoke very highly of Hope, and as soon as I met with her I knew I could trust her to be kind, but challenging, and that was exactly what I was looking for. Working with Hope forced me to look deeper into certain parts of my life, which enabled me to generate a new perspective and start taking the steps I’d been previously struggling with. My favorite question that Hope likes to ask is, “What’s possible from here?” It epitomizes our work together because I often left our sessions feeling full of energy and possibilities. Hope’s gentle yet firm direction helped me to open doors I didn’t even see before, and I would highly recommend her to anyone feeling like they could use some support in getting to the next level of their personal or professional lives. 

John K., Life Coach + Mindfulness Expert

Peaceful. Honest. Supportive.Empowering...my view of what it's like to work with Hope. I didn't realize how many layers I had to peel off, this work allowed me to truly be open to all I had to explore to find my best self. I thought I was naturally anxious and a worry wort, I realized that was a long, but temporary state that wasn't reflective of my true self. Coaching with Hope is like taking off your wet layers after getting caught in an unexpected rainstorm. Overall I have been really peaceful. And I have really liked working with the other healers she recommended as a complement to our work together. Interestingly, I don't think I would have been able to explore these other healing areas without the work and progress we made together.

Emily W. , Business Manager


My experience working with Hope is reminiscent of calm water in a peaceful still setting.  After each session I feel strengthened and that I can accomplish things. I was in the midst of looking for a career coach and a friend of mine suggested that I consider a life coach and recommended Hope. I knew that I had issues that I needed to work through with self-disappointment, anger about my divorce, and figuring out how to no longer be self-destructive. I was in search of personal happiness and knew that only I could provide that, but I needed the help of a coach to get me to that place. Doing it on my own was no longer an option.  Hope allowed me to be honest with no judgement on the information that I shared with her. She truly listened to me and allowed me to tap into the best me that I could be.  I was surprised that I had let my self-confidence dissipate so much by the time I got to Hope. Now I feel like anything is possible again. I send out positive energy into the universe and simplify my personal life. I learned that I can control my life again and make positive experiences through my attitude. Words to describe working with Hope are...peaceful, refreshing, zen, enlightening.

-Frantz C.
Digital Marketing and Content Strategist, Father, Shaken but Not Stirred

Before I started working with Hope, I was a very successful senior-level executive working for one of the most globally recognized companies in the world. On the outside it looked as though I had everything …an incredible career, all sorts of connections, my own home, a sporty car, and a great shoe collection….basically all of those things that I had been told would make me happy in life. But I was not happy.   On the contrary, I was tired and miserable, questioning myself and my purpose, with no answers in sight. Feeling desperate and as though I was drowning, I found Hope and her coaching program, and in just a few short months of working with her, my life has ignited. I am not saying that today I am full of bliss, feeling joy 24x7, but for the first time as an adult I see, and more importantly believe, that all of those things, if not more, are possible. 

Hope’s coaching helped me to embrace an inner wisdom that I knew was inside me, but afraid to acknowledge. She helped me push through old beliefs that for years had constrained me to a very specific idea of who I thought I was supposed to be. She encouraged me to find the strength to face one of my greatest fears in life and trust that I would not only survive the experience, but thrive. My life is transforming.  I'm on an amazing journey of self-discovery, walking towards all of those things that bring joy and happiness to my life. Hope’s coaching has been a tremendous catalyst for that change and thanks to Hope’s inspiration, I finally found the flame to light my way.   

- M. Hunter
Technology Executive/CIO Chief Information Officer

Megan photo.jpg

Calming, inspiring, energizing, and motivating are the words to describe working with Hope.
I came to Hope to seek clarity, find balance, and to quiet the nagging doubts constantly floating around in my head.  I was amazed by how much motivation and clarity I had by the end of each session, and how I was able to sustain this long past our latest session.  It was brilliant! I experienced a fundamental shift in what I wanted, what I expected, and therefore in how I responded to everything around me and life in general.  I learned to truly exist in the moment with calm and clarity, and learned how to channel that into confidence and energy that helps to propel me toward achieving my goals.  A session with Hope feels like a visit to the chiropractor where with a bit of massaging and some subtle shifts, I emerge beautifully aligned and pain free. 
-Lisa M.
Creative Director, Stylist

Lisa photo.jpeg

"Never think that any dream is too big to go after.” This is my quote to describe my work with Hope.  I came to coaching to explore new ventures, build new skills, improve my thought processes to make real, lasting changes and to gain clarity.  Working with Hope was enlightening. She provided me with unconditional support, which was amazing.  After my coaching sessions I feel encouraged, inspired and motivated to accomplish my goals. What surprised me most about myself was my ability to successfully write and produce a play. Never in a million years did I think that I would become a Playwright or Producer. Being able to execute such a large project proved to me that there are no limitations to what I can accomplish.  The four words to describe working with Hope are Refreshing, Non-judgmental, Unconditional support and Enlightening. 

-Keely F.
Executive Director, Sierra House