I have a little side passion project. It’s my podcast… Radiant Mix. On this show we celebrate the mixed experience. What does this mean? I interview amazing guests and just talk about the multiracial, multicultural experience. Since I am mixed (biracial) myself, I really had a desire to have these important conversations, since the whole issue about race relations in America is so front and center and frustrating to say the least…especially since I straddle both the white and black worlds. So, this is very niche topic, but on the show we talk about music, fashion, wellness, spirituality, pop culture, the arts, even civil rights law. I speak with actors, professors, artists, meditation teachers, coaches, photographers, entrepreneurs, and so much more. I continue to learn new things every day.

Radiant Mix can be found on iTunes, Spotify or where ever you listen to your podcasts…Android apps have us too!

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