The other day I was talking with my friend about a stressful situation in her life and she shared a quote that she heard..."There is a difference between constructive concern and destructive worry." Think about it. This is so true. When you stress are you more often concerned and ponder the situation constructively with acceptance and problem solving actions or do you worry like hell and find yourself lost in the abyss? I do both but worrying was ingrained in my psyche from my youth. My whole family worries. I automatically worry about some things, but have learned to check myself. How can we stop the madness and focus more on constructive concern rather than stressing the hell out...for nothing?

Avant-garde and the open road. :)

Avant-garde and the open road. :)

Ironically, The New York Times published an article entitled "Always Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop? Here’s How to Quit Worrying." There it's written..."research has shown that it's the ability to experience positive emotions that improves our ability to cope with distress."  Another researcher found that "experiencing positive emotions doesn't set you up for disappointment, but increases your likelihood of achieving your work, health and relationship aspirations."  This point of view can be game-changing if you find yourself in the worry zone more often than not. 

So how can you live with more positivity? A few gentle reminders..

• Loving and accepting ourselves more

• Living in the present moment

• Letting things go

• Practicing forgiveness

• Daily gratitude and meditation

• Celebrate the small stuff

I'm celebrating I had a recent writing deadline, had no idea what I was going to write, was procrastinating, but forced myself to make it happen and I submitted my essay right on time. Celebrating for me is acknowledging a win. What wins did you have today? Recognize the small wins each day. This is guaranteed to give you positive vibes.  Check out the article above or my e-book "Hope's Daily Self-Love Practices" for some great insights.

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