I was talking to an old friend recently who shared with me some deep, private experiences in her life that had detrimental effects on her life.  I’ve known her forever and we are close, so why did it take her years to confide in me?  She shared that she suffered in silence for so long. I am confident in our friendship level but it still made me sad to know that she was suffering so deeply with me being right there. She chose to keep it to herself and never felt comfortable to share her truth with any of her friends, not just me.    I’m not taking it personal but I still feel sadness.

After spending time with another old friend, I could sense something was off. Since she is a busy Mom, my intuition was telling me she just needs some girl time to talk about life in general. Spending time with friends release stress.  Communication is vital for our happiness quotient and our health.  After having some strange physical ailments, where no doctors can find solutions or the culprit, the doctor suggested some activities to promote happiness. I was impressed. Cool doctor. Cultivating happiness is the way….in any form or function.

Illustration by  Ana Leovy

Illustration by Ana Leovy

I had a client that was having a rough time with her love life.  Dating was not going too well. After diving deep, what unfolded was a negative #MeToo experience with a man in her past. She had never talked about it. We discovered she actually blocked it out of her mind.  In fact my intuition was, it was blocking her from authentically connecting and nurturing true love.  In order to bust down her blocks, she needed to get real with her truth and let it go. Share. Open Up. Release.  This is what can heal us all.  In order for me to meet my husband, I had to let go of a lot of negative men drama of the past. It’s not easy, but it’s very possible.

If you are struggling right now with something, here is a gently reminder to find a loved one, or a professional to share your truth with.  I am not a therapist, so in my coaching work we do not discuss all the details of the past. What I actually do is intuitively pinpoint the blocks in life, the origins of the issue, and develop ways to release the pain, to shift your mindset to more positive perspectives. How? I incorporate life-changing coaching techniques, mindfulness practices and lots of fun, thought-provoking exercises plus hold you accountable to take action on your dreams.  If you are interested in learning more about working with me, email info@hopemcgrath.com for a complimentary Spark Session.