I had such a fantastic time co-curating the Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat with Rashia Bell of The Cristalline. The grounds of the beach front property in Colombia was tropical beauty to the max and it didn’t hurt that the food was incredible. Thankfully we had lots of fun, transformative activities to burn it all off.

The experience that is etched in my mind was the Temazcal…which is reminiscent of an ancient Mayan Sweat Lodge for the purpose of clearing the mind of negative vibes and cleansing the body of impurities, with many health benefits. I attended my first Temazcal in Tulum, Mexico and absolutely loved it and was completely transformed afterwards. This Colombian version was a total brand new experience. A lovely Shaman Serena was spearheading this Temazcal and she was the real deal. It seemed like she had a magic pouch and within that there were lots of little pouches filled with magic herbs. When she would dig in her pouch and sprinkle some of these herbs onto the hot rocks, they lit up like little sparkling firecrackers.

Imagine a big bonfire under the midnight sky with stars surrounding us in every direction. You could see the stars so clearly…nothing like in NYC….of course star gazing under palm trees is pretty magical. On one side are all of us from the retreat, the other side were local Colombians that joined in on the festivities. Experiencing this Temazcal was a bonding moment for all of us. We found ourselves going with the flow with all the wild experiences that were going down. Between the plant medicines, steamy rocks, the heat, indigenous Colombian prayers and songs, rounds and rounds of rituals, offerings, peace pipes, splashing water, meditations…..all taking place in an igloo-shaped hut specifically designed for our Temazcal, it definitely reminded me of a rites of passage situation and I’m happy to say we all did it. We all experienced whatever we were meant to experience and it was truly unforgettable.

Rashia, Serena and Hope @ The Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat in Colombia. Photo Credit: Amelie Pichard  @iconink.design

Rashia, Serena and Hope @ The Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat in Colombia. Photo Credit: Amelie Pichard @iconink.design

We all learned a lot from our first wellness retreat together. I broke it down here….

Life Lessons from the first ever Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat:

  • “Structured Fluidity” was the name of our game. It’s vital to be able to go with the flow when things don’t always go as planned.

  • Everything happens for a reason. Accept it and be aware to learn your lessons from it.

  • Push through fear and do it anyway

  • Going to sleep and waking up to the sounds of the ocean and tropical birds is bliss

  • Indigenous lands are precious. It was an honor to experience special sacred pools of various indigenous tribes.

  • We all have perseverance beyond our imaginations. The Temazcal pushed my limits, but I made it through and did experience some sort of spiritual healing I can’t explain.

  • Vulnerability was a recurring theme. Being able to open your heart to share your emotions and let others in is vital on the path to peace of mind.

  • It is possible to heal. Sometimes we just have to give ourselves the time and space.

  • Follow your intuition. It will never steer you wrong. Stop and Listen.

  • Mindfulness is the way. The present moment is a wonderful moment.

  • Feminine power is no joke!

  • The tropical beauty of Colombia is stunning and evokes joy.

It was wonderful to hear that our guests truly felt “transformed” when they got home. After the deep healing through wellness-inspired experiences, plus the tropical excursions and relaxing vibes, it was special moment in time for all. We are in the planning stages for the next retreat in 2019, so stay tuned.

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*All photos by Amelie Pichard @iconink.design

*Special Thanks to Vancouver Candle Company for the fabulous candles