Lately I’ve been more conscious of where resistance shows up in my life.  I am one with lots of creative ideas, but there are some big ones that have not come to fruition. What has been in my way? Me. My business coach talks often about ‘mastering your resistance.’ When you desire to make moves or achieve goals, becoming aware of what gets in your way is vital. Guess what? If we don’t act on our unique ideas, as nature would have it, eventually they fade away. You could even believe those great ideas flow to other people. Did you ever see someone launching your invention, product, business idea, whatever and wonder—-damn, I thought of that!


Definition: Resistance: the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.

We all have resistance within us. There are times when resistance is our friend.  We know we do not want to take action on something that may be good for us, but we do it anyway.  Yeah! We pushed through.  Other times resistance paralyzes us and we stay in status quo. What is preventing us from forward movement when we know in our hearts we need to take that leap of faith?  “Faith is to believe what you do not see. The reward of this faith is to see what you believe,” from the book “Dream a Little Bigger.

I noticed I had total resistance is engaging in public relations efforts for my personal brand. For years, I haven’t written myself one single press release. Keep in mind, I’ve been a publicist for fashion designers and artists for more than 15 years. I have always felt uncomfortable pitching myself…it feels strange to me, yet I can pitch designers and artists with ease.  In fact, last month I supported my husband’s latest art exhibition by handling press.  I was trying to hire a PR agency but I couldn’t find the right fit, so I hired a PR consultant friend and we knocked it out ourselves. I had been telling everyone that my goal was to land an article in The New York Times for this show. When I was interviewing publicists, this is what I mentioned as my first and foremost goal. I have tried for about 5 years to land such an article and there was always a dead end. But guess what? I finally did it. I manifested it into existence. Yes, my husband’s exhibition received a major New York Times feature and it was thrilling. In fact that writer just interviewed him again for another article. When I was talking with my friend Amanda Berlin, who is a masterful publicity coach, she was questioned me. “Wait, you can land a major New York Times placement, but you can’t do any PR for yourself?”  A-ha moment! Something needs to shift in 2018 right?

                             Time to get to work...with a fresh, new perspective

                             Time to get to work...with a fresh, new perspective

One of my star coaching clients had an opportunity to write an article for an exclusive website in her industry. The procrastination was in full force. She started one article, couldn’t decide how to end it, then started another story, then another. A spiral of confusion about which direction to go took over. What is the best way to tell the story? How should it end? A project that could’ve taken a week turned into over a month. The resistance seemed to come in the form of perfection and lack of clarity.  We noticed the setback, took action and were so excited when she submitted her piece.  It takes self-awareness to ask for help and stay persistent towards your goals.

 What are you resisting and how can you push through?

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