I recently attended a talk & book signing by Dr. Hallowell on “The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness.” As a parent, I'm always down to gain insights on raising well-adjusted, happy kids, so off I went. Ironically, the life lessons Dr. Hallowell highlighted, that have been backed by extensive scientific research, relate seamlessly to adult life. Don't we all have a desire to be happy right here and now? I wanted to share with you my commentary of Dr. Hallowell's5-Step Process for raising happy adults.  I agree with all of this and try my best to walk the walk....

  1. Connect – Feeling connected to others, whether it's family, friends or community is vital for life. Social disconnectedness is one of the top causes for depression and even death.  Reach out, land a hand, give a hug. Connect in person more often. Social media can only do so much.

  2. Play – Have fun. Free flow with your free time. Make this a priority.

  3. Practice – Find what you are good at and something you enjoy. Do it over and over again. Ever notice how great you feel when you accomplish something that is important to you?

  4. Mastery – The Great Motivator: The more you practice, the better you get. Over time you may be motivated to take on new challenges which leads to a positive, can-do attitude. Yeah!

  5. Recognition – When people we respect recognize our greatness, it feels good. When we realize what we do matters, there is a better chance of moral behavior and self-confidence shines bright.

Doesn't this all just make sense? It's so simple to read it, but takes effort and discipline to incorporate all this into our daily life.  What could you do today for a boost into your happiness quotient?  If you are ready to dive into your own personal empowerment with coaching support, schedule a complimentary Spark Session.