Can't believe summer is finally here.   I wanted to share a little story that was a gentle reminder to slow down and rest.

The other day, as we were opening our front door, my husband found a little baby fledgling bird on the concrete sidewalk unable to fly.  On my busy Brooklyn avenue, this little bird's chance of surviving on concrete were low. Of course we couldn't let that happen, so my husband brought him into our backyard. He seemed so weak, he could barely move.  I actually picked him with a blanket and put him in our cat's carrier and we left him some bread and water. What to do with him?

After some research we realized it's illegal to keep a wild animal in the house...but we didn't want him to stay outside in the pouring rain last night, plus if our puppy and cats saw him, he would be doomed.  We learned that he probably lost his mother and was just still learning to fly.  He didn't seem sick, just struggling to use his wings.  Throughout the night I would peak in on him sitting nice and cozy on the blanket downstairs.

Early this morning, my husband rose to check on him and as soon as he opened the gate outside, the little birdie miraculously flew right out to a tree.  I had a feeling he just needed to rest and that's exactly what was necessary for him to build his strength up.  We were so happy.  We've collectively saved a lot of animals in our day, but I started my day with a feel-good moment.

What a reminder for the power of rest. What do you need to do to recharge? To relax your mind and body?  Often times when we are stressed out or depressed about this or that, the best remedy is taking a time out.  This is sometimes difficult for me since I'm a mompreneur on the go, but it is so vital.  I've actually gotten sick from pushing too hard, working too much and I've learned my lessons.

May you find time to chill and rest up so your wings can fly.

                    The fledgling we met looked just like this little birdie.

                    The fledgling we met looked just like this little birdie.

The cute little bird experience, reminded me of the inspirational gospel-style song by Mariah Carey "Fly Like a Bird." is an excerpt.

Somehow I know that
There's a place up above
With no more hurt and struggling
Free of all atrocities and suffering
Because I feel the unconditional love
From one who cares enough for me
To erase all my burdens
And let me be free to...

Fly like a bird
Take to the sky
I need you now, Lord
Carry me high
Don't let the world break me tonight
I need the strength of you by my side
Sometimes this life can be so cold
I pray you'll come and carry me home

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