I'm happy to introduce to you a woman who I deeply admire, Rashia Bell. We are partnering to host our upcoming wellness workshop Creativity, Crystals and Clarity. Rashia is a friend and past client who I have seen radically transform her life before my eyes.  She recently launched her interior design company infusing her expertise in crystal healing and the girl is on fire. Here is my interview with Rashia Bell and save the date for Sunday, May 21st in NYC to join us.


HOPE: How would you describe what you do?

RASHIA:   I am a Crystal Healer and Interior Designer.  As the co-founder of The Cristalline an Energetic Lifestyle company, we focus on showing people how to energetically balance their spaces and homes to promote well-being.

HOPE: What is crystal healing according to you?

RASHIA: Crystal Healing is a a beautiful way to balance the chakras of the body and to tap into the subconscious. For me it plays a role in many aspects of my life.

HOPE: How did your passion for crystals develop?

RASHIA: One of my first jobs was in jewelry and I really enjoyed being around the raw materials of the stones.  After leaving that industry and getting an Interior Design degree, jewelry then popped up in my career again when I was consulting for a designer that used untraditional materials. At that time I started to collect stones and to learn more about their energetic properties.

HOPE: Can you share at least one personal story of how the power of crystals showed up in your life?

RASHIA: When I was in a period of self reflection and was doing a lot of inner self work, I started to try to meditate. It was in my failed meditation efforts that I truly became connected to crystals.  I decided to try meditating with a crystal in my hand to allow my mind something else to focus on.  I immediately felt the energy coming out of the stone and traveling up my arm.  I then began exploring the energy of different stones and then later decided to start using them to change the energy within spaces.

HOPE: How do your clients benefit from the incredible crystal work you do?

RASHIA: For the individual, I really feel like crystal work opens you up to a whole new level of awareness.  It allows you to see out of a different pair of eyes, and it is through that sense that you are able to change and grow.  By having a tool to tap into one’s energy, one is able to hone in on their intuition.  As an extension to that in the home, incorporating crystals and balancing energy opens you up to having greater peace, balance and harmony within all areas of your life.

HOPE: What crystal healing experience can we expect at the "Creativity, Crystals & Clarity” event we are hosting together?

RASHIA: You can expect to Relax, lie down and be guided through a mediation and visualization.  All you have to do is let the crystals do the work!

                              Rashia Bell, Crystal Healer and Interior Designer at work.

                              Rashia Bell, Crystal Healer and Interior Designer at work.

SAVE THE DATE:  MAY 21st, 2017, 12:00pm - 3:00pm for our workshop...


A wellness workshop designed for you to have fun exploring the artist within, experience the power of crystal healing and get clarity around your next steps in life through empowering dialogue, transformational coaching and heart-centered connection.

Transformational Coach Hope McGrath and Crystal Healer/ Interior Design Rashia Bell hold space offering you a unique and enlightening afternoon of self-care and transformation.


  • Tap into your creativity by having fun making art. No need to be an artist. It's all about free flow, playing with color and your intuition.

  • You receive your own special collection of crystals chosen by Rashia

  • The ultimate crystal healing experience. Ease your mind and heal your soul while crystals open up your chakras through powerful guided meditations.

  • Connect with a special circle of like-minded women as we share and explore together

  • Experience transformational coaching around your inner discoveries

  • Get insights on some actionable steps you can take to make positive changes in your life right now.

  • Walk away feeling refreshed, lighter, more joyful & calm with a new outlook on life. You naturally are inspired to make positive moves.

  • Enjoy lite bites by master chef at Meisterdish


After our welcome and introductions, we invite everyone to playing around making art. Each guest will be asked to free flow and create a mini piece of art work. No agenda, just instinctively using your intuition to play

  • Each guest will be given art supplies to dive in and notice what comes up for them during the creative process.

  • After your drawings are created, you are then invited to unwind to a powerful crystal healing experience.

  • A special gift of crystals awaits you, especially intended to ignite your chakras. Rashia Bell will briefly give an intro to the power for crystals and the intention for your group crystal healing session.

  • Everyone is invited to relax and be present as Rashia presides with crystal healing and guided meditations.

  • Post crystal healing, you will be given a chance to be creative once again.

  • Hope McGrath facilitate our circle as we reflect on the different feelings and expressions that come up for you after the crystal healing.

  • All the guests will be invited to share with the circle in various ways.

  • Hope offers a Transformational Coaching Experience for guests to witness and we discuss actionable steps you can take moving forward with your newfound wisdom.

  • We wrap-up with a beautiful closing ritual.

  • Guests are invited to mingle at the end of the Creativity, Crystals and Clarity Workshop.

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