I was recently on a retreat, where it was a mix of energy healing rituals and business teachings....quite interesting and empowering.  A few archetypes of the Divine Feminine came into my consciousness, but the archetype that stays in my mind has been "The Hunteresss." Connected to Virgo, The Hunteress is a woman unto herself. She is not beholden to anyone. The Hunteress makes her own choices and lives her life fully. There is zero shame in her desires. She takes action to have what she wants. When it's time to hunt, she doesn't go into the woods to track her prey and second-guesses her aim. She is clear on her intention. As the ultimate archer, she sees her prey, gets her bow and arrow ready and with exact precision, aims and achieves her goal. Action is never a question and the best part is that she is undistracted by competition or the needs of others.The Hunteress is the epitome of the independent female spirit and she is a natural protector of other women...and she loves animals too.

When I first learned about the Hunteress, I did find her inspiring, but my first thought was, OMG that's my kid! My daughter not only is a Virgo, but she has a lot of these traits. No wonder we are butting heads as she ages. Can you imagine how challenging it can be to raise a Hunteress? There is something to say for everything!  I kinda wish I was a natural Hunteress, but this Cancer girl definitely had to bump up my game. (I used to love archery as a kid. Is this a wake-up call to go back to camp.?)  It would be so great not care what others think and to have complete precision with clarity and aim for goals. What's so great is that I have grown to embody this truth...that competition really doesn't need to effect any of us. We are all individuals, creative spirits and no one can ever be us, therefore is there really competition against you for doing you? So they say...there is more than enough money to go around. No need to feel the competition. We just have to keep on with the faith that with clarity, diligence, focus, patience and ease, we can attain our goals with peace. (I really wish I learned this concept during my years with my fashion business. I don't think I would've suffered as much with doubt and worry about landing this account or that or comparing myself to other entrepreneurs doing amazing work.) I feel happy that I have let those beliefs about competition go and what a relief! It is a serious path and there will be roller coaster rides in the process, but don't give up.

                       Get inspired to take action by the gorgeous Hunteress

                       Get inspired to take action by the gorgeous Hunteress


I am a transformational coach, intuitive healer and fashion consultant. I believe in the power of connection, mindfulness and feminine empowerment. I love supporting women, and a few special men, to rediscover the beauty and wisdom within themselves and watch their lives blossom with joy. What I know for sure is when we connect with our authenticity, engage in radical self-care and learn to truly love ourselves, the sky is the limit. I've never been happier than when I'm surrounded by nature and connecting with like-minded souls. I dream of a peaceful existence filled with healing, wellness, togetherness, music and joy. I was born to send love and empower others to rediscover their own inner wisdom and live with passsion and purpose. What I want most in the world is to have multicultural equality, justice for all, world peace and a safe and healthy earth. I shine when I'm happy, am rested and feel good. I feel most alive when I'm dancing, swimming, surrounded by nature, connecting with amazing people, traveling and experiencing new things. If I had a super power it would be to remove racism from the world. I work best when I feel peaceful, healthy, positive and am in collaboration with like-minded souls. I can help you heal, shift from negative to positive mindsets, radiate your confidence and transform your personal style. I inspire and support you to achieve your intentions and dreams.

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