I've been practicing more patience with myself lately and wanted to touch on this topic.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't so ambitious. This way maybe I would be satisfied with less, be cool when things don't go as planned. But then I remember the power of patience.

On social media my 12 year old niece commented "Jelly"  to one of my daughter's private posts. Come to find out "Jelly" is the new, fun way of describing "jealousy." Oh no, now it's just so easy and open to be jealous of everyone doing anything cool that you are not doing! Us adults already have a hard time not comparing ourselves to others. As we looked through one of my fabulous friends Instagram feed, my daughter couldn't help vocalizing how lucky she felt they were and wishing she had part of that life that she saw in pictures.  Despite our blessings, the seeds of lack are ever-present. How can we escape & shift this in our modern society? It takes work. Adults feel this way all the time. Social media & media in general can cause depression if you aren't careful. I am consciously releasing envy immediately when it arises and embracing authentic happiness for others, but this took deep awareness to practice. It really does work in helping you feel better and staying on track when you know there is no need for competition, there is more than enough money to go around and in due time you will rise up to where you desire to be if you set intentions and take right actions.

What gives me solace is that we all have divine timing. We must find patience within and trust that everything happens for a reason. We are meant to be taught certain lessons in life and
there is power in living in the present moment and allowing ourselves to take our time to learn and evolve and not rush everything. I want it all now too, but it's just not happening at once.  I never did believe that notion that us woman could have it all...true love, babies, killer career, stellar health, happy & balanced family life, exciting social life, deep self-exploration all at the same time. A few things at a time, but not everything at once. Many of us strive for it all, only to feel defeated. It's time to let these false beliefs go and be happy with what is going on now. It's hard sometimes, I know. I always say "right now are the good ol' days." I experience so much more peace trusting my pace, and that I am exactly where I'm supposed to be. Boy is it freeing when we stop pressuring ourselves, stop beating ourselves up when we experience perceived failures and let go of our suffering. We can all do this, we just need the awareness.

This week I invite you to just notice when comparison is bringing you down and just stop dead in your tracks and drop the thought. Try meditating or journaling on embodying your divine timing in this life. Do share with me as I would love to hear from you.