It’s the New Year. Planning is good. It’s how we get things done. It’s how we carve our path. It’s how we find clarity about what we truly desire. Do you really want to get clear on what you want to unfold in 2019? Then try this exercise below. It takes time, but aren’t you worth it?

Clarity for a Balanced Life in 2019:

Step 1:  

Write the following five categories on a separate page for each category. 

1) Family & Love

2) Spirituality

3) Health & Wellness

4) Finances

5) Career

Free flow and write as many intentions or goals you have in each category. Keep your mind open. What do you want to see evolve in the future, up to three years from now…. 2019, 2020…? Think big. Not everything has to be super realistic for this present moment.

Step 2:

Look at each category pick one goal that supersedes anything else.  Write this one goal down on a separate sheet of paper.  Consider the original lists you made to be 3 year plans…not one year, because those lists are too damn long to accomplish everything in one year. ( I did this same exercise and had to scratch and postpone a lot of things.)

1) Family & Love  - list one goal

2) Spirituality -  list one goal

3) Health & Wellness -  list one goal

4) Finances -  list one goal

5) Career -  list one goal

This above list is your top 5 active objectives for 2019. (You may need to push some of your other goals to future years. You can create a 3-year plan later if you are daring.  )

Step 3: 

Now for each distinct category, you will draft:

a) 3 year goal

b) 1 year goal

c) Monthly objectives - list about 3 monthly objectives.

Revisit this list monthly and adjust your objectives accordingly.

Here is one of my examples...


Give yourself the gift of time to focus on this. It takes time, but it’s insights are worth it. Let me know how it goes. This exercise I found years ago, so I’m afraid I forgot the origin in order to give credit. I made a few adjustments and you can do the same for yourself. Consider this a guideline for you to just get a bit of clarity for your big visions for your life. You may be surprised when you look back how much you accomplish and also may laugh at that idea that will later seem ridiculous or impossible. Jot it all down.

Are you ready to have a partner in supporting you to achieve your goals, heal your spirit and get clear on what you truly desire?  Together, through coaching, we create miracles happen and life opens up in a fresh new way. If you know in your heart you are ready to take the leap of faith to make big moves and desire support to do so, reach out to inquire about the complimentary Spark Sessions available.

Journaling on our Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat in Colombia.

Journaling on our Tropical Transformation Wellness Retreat in Colombia.