What do you desire to create? How do you desire to live? Who do you desire to surround yourself with? How do you desire to feel?  I recently came across this notion of desire vs. wants and it's had a profound effect on me and my work as a Transformational Coach.  Desire derives from desiderare, a Latin word that means "to await what the stars will bring." The Latin word siderus means "star or heavenly body," reminiscent of the folklore that people wish upon a star for what they most desire. Compare this perspective to “want,” with one definition being “a sense of lack, the state of being without something desired or needed.”  Forget 'wanting' anything anymore...let's connect with the stars aligning with desire.

I'm all about tapping into what we desire while maintaining the importance of finding joy and peace in the present moment. This philosophy alone is quite contradictory, but I am adamant on trying to capture that balance between striving and growing with gratitude. Gaining clarity and rediscovery on our desires will be top of mind at the salon-style wellness-inspired benefit 'Desire to Destiny' on Sunday, May 15th in Brooklyn, supporting The Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger.

Below are the post-event photos showing the joyful experience we all shared. Photos courtesy of Nicholas Pierre.

What do you desire to create? This is a difficult question for some and others it can feel crystal clear but so far off in the distance. We have so many facets of our lives and some may feel in sync while other areas need extra attention. Take into consideration all these aspects of your life...love & romance, creativity, spirituality, friendships & family, fun and recreation, career, finances, health & wellness. We can't possibly be at the top of our game with everything, but what we can do is take the time to reflect and decide what is most important to us right now & set some wheels in motion towards personal development and growth in our desired areas of the moment.

One of my coaching clients has the financial quadrant of her life in perfect order. She has no qualms about her finances and has a strong relationship with money. It's love and overall personal relationships that she is persistently taking steps towards transforming. Through my transformational coaching program she has developed a stronger sense of self to stand firm in her beliefs and what she deserves. This has allowed for those inner circle relationships to strengthen but we are still on the path to opening the heart for authentic intimate love.  Yet I am still in awe how she accomplished her clear goal of living a bi-coastal life with an apartment on the East and West coast. Despite many obstacles, she did achieve that goal with much diligence & the radiant confidence that blossomed through her dedication to self-love and personal development. This overall radiance is evident and as a result she has garnered respect and is in-demand as a creative professional. When you are in-demand, bi-coastal living is possible if you want, can't you? I admire my coaching client on many levels for her dedication to growing and living life to the fullest on her terms.  We are all on the path and it's important to know what we desire and where we want to go with it.

I'm not one to believe we can all 'have it all."  Different phases of life bring forth fresh values. Isn't it great to be clear on where we are right now? This clarity is what evades many of us. The inherent fear of judgement, failure and self-doubt stands in the way of our potential. We must persevere! As a coach I thrive on supporting creatives and change-makers to push through those cob webs and stand in their light to start taking action towards personal goals and dreams. This is my passion. Life is not perfect and I as a 'recovering perfectionist' myself I have to constantly remind myself to stay present, be grateful and 'just do it' regardless of those fearful thoughts that have stood in my way.


As a Prince fanatic and aside from the devastation from his recent passing, I found such sadness in learning that he was living in pain for a long time, but always just kept on telling all those close to him “I'm ok.” According to an article in The New York Times, Prince was able to hide his painkiller addictions from most. He always insisted the show must go on and disregarded his truth of needing rest and help. When Prince finally agreed to accept help, it came to him one day too late. Covering up the imperfections can only last so long. To free ourselves, its important to get clarity about what we desire and be open to the support and love coming our way. How fitting are two quotes from Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly, "When we pretend that we can avoid vulnerability we engage in behaviors that are often inconsistent with who we want to be." "Sometimes our first and greatest dare is asking for support." A powerful, gentle reminder for us all not to let pride get in the way. Much easier said than done.

Join us, Benjamin Le Hay, Billy Morrissette and Funmilyo of Fusha Dance as we celebrate the beauty of community at our salon-style wellness benefit supporting Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger. You'll be sure to leave us reinvigorated with at least a few fresh insights for your future, some mindfulness practices and if you are daring and open to the healing vibes of African dance, I have recruited my master Congolese teacher Funmilyo Chesney to teach us a mini-dance class, it's optional, don't worry. In honor of Prince...you can channel your “Sexy MF'er shakin' that ass.” Those drums can get you going, but sorry it' not going to turn into a Prince party.

Funmilayo doing her thing. Peep me on back up

Funmilayo doing her thing. Peep me on back up

Come join us if you are local, support those in desperate need in Brooklyn and get inspired.  Suggested donation is $20.

Spread the word to friends you feel may be interested......