Happy 2015! 

Every January, each new year there's an excitement in the air---for a fresh start, releasing the old and into the new. But within a few short months, sometimes the uplifting spirits dwindle, the resolutions get dropped.  It happens to the best of us. What can we do to try to hold on to these positive intentions? As we ponder 2015 and embark on a new path with fresh perspectives, I am offering a few of my tips for kicking off the new year with a bit of self reflection....

5 Insightful Steps to Kick Off The New Year:

1. The Power of Reflection:

Take some time to journal or simply sit quietly to think about 2014. I find reflection important, as it gives you an opportunity to look deeply at where you were and offers insights for where you want to go.

  • What fresh insights and gifts did you receive in 2014?

  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?

  • What aspect of 2014 do you intend to let go of?

2. The importance of Celebration:

I'm not talking about serious partying. It's about recognizing goals accomplished, blocks busted through, fears overcome and then actually acknowledging them as something special. Actions small or large are all worth celebrating. To my disappointment I have realized, that in the past, this party girl rarely ever celebrated those personal accomplishments, minuscule or grand. It was always, 'on to the next.' I didn't even recognize those small things that should be acknowledged and celebrated. We always notice what we shoulda, coulda, woulda, but why do we overlook the good stuff sometimes? Nowadays I actually have to make a conscious effort to open my eyes and recognize. I can easily tell you all the things I feel guilty for, but things worth celebrating were not top of mind.

Let's attempt to remind ourselves to quietly celebrate those moments of achievement and personal satisfaction. As I was thinking about this for myself, one small personal achievement for me was committing to the African dance performance with my teacher's dance company. I am a newbie and confidence wasn't high as I was placed next to the best dancers and in the front row for the choreography. But I did it, attended tons of rehearsals and felt there was a personal goal accomplished.

Image by Sarah Marshall via Flickr

Image by Sarah Marshall via Flickr

3. Declutter Time:

We all know what this means and I have the hardest time with this one, even though I know it is vital for peace of mind and opening ourselves up to the universe. For those minimalists who are super organized, this may not pertain to you. For all of us mere mortals, let's try to declutter one aspect of our life this week. I did most of my closet, but still have unread magazines and a back log of New York Times that I need to read and purge. (Yes, I'm old fashioned and subscribe for the print editions. That is my problem!) What are you going to do? Pick a time and just do it. We all feel better with open space and positive energy really gets flowing with less clutter.

Image via Maisonboheme.blogspot.com

Image via Maisonboheme.blogspot.com

4. Expressing Gratitude:

The new year is a perfect time to start a gratitude journal. Each morning or night, jot down what you feel grateful for that day. If writing is not your thing, just bring to mind and state what you are grateful for. I find doing this exercise lifts my spirits when I'm down. Again, it also transforms the energy around you, when you have gratitude in your heart and mind.

5. Soul Searching:

Get down with the Soul Searching this new year. Take the time to ponder or journal.

  • What are my intentions for 2015?
  • What am I passionate about? How can I bring more of this into my life?
  • What path am I on or do I want to create to bring my intentions into reality?
  • Create your own personal title for this year. For example: 2015 THE YEAR OF THE _________________.

It's interesting to see where this intention takes you throughout the year. Last year my title was: “Year of the Goddess.” I can say that it did help me with a boost of confidence when I felt it dwindling and did remind me to tap into my feminine power. But somewhere throughout the year, there was a lull and I wasn't feeling too Goddess-like. Reflecting upon my yearly statement recently was a great reminder to get me back into that right 'Goddess' mind frame. I'm stilling thinking about what I will name 2015. What will you name 2015 for yourself? Do share.

All these things I actually do and I would love to hear what resonates with you. I've had an enlightening experience launching my new coaching biz and I am celebrating this first year. Kicking off a new biz, in a new industry has it's challenges and highlights, but I am grateful for this new chapter in my life. Thank you to those who have joined me on the journey. I'd love to hear your comments. If you like this, please share.