Ever have that feeling that you just have to 'let go'? I feel like it took me a lifetime to learn how to mind my own business. A few years ago when I made a conscious effort to put this newfound ideology into practice....boy did I have positive transformations in those difficult relationships. Maybe it was the 'oldest sibling' syndrome or my Cancer Girl traits....but I have always been taking care of people since as far back as I could remember. My poor brothers! This care-taking can also evolve into feeling a self-imposed need to help others when maybe, just possibly, they have no desire for your assistance and may even want you to step off.

Often, when you are wrapped up in other people's sh*t, it's enough to make you go crazy yourself....even if you aren't directly involved. It took some crazy stuff to go down until I realized the only answer was “letting go.” I know many that have experienced the same thing. It's amazing how just the simple act of letting go can lead to radical transformation. Energy shifts, life shines bright.

How to recognize it's time to let go....

  1. Take a moment to look deeply. Are you minding your own business? If you are not, gently remove yourself from the situation. No matter how tempting it is swirl in the drama.

  2. Do you find that anger or frustration is taking over on both sides...within yourself and the outside party. Have trouble sleeping? Anger has a way of enveloping us if it gets out of hand. Meditation helps with dealing with anger and opening your heart. When you are more open, you will find that anger dissipates. It's true. I've experienced it! If the basic condition for happiness if freedom, then letting go is the first step to reclaiming happiness in ones life. Check out my meditation video with tips on a fantastic open heart meditation.

  3. Are you living your life to the max? It may be time to focus on your own needs rather than others. If you aren't living the way you want to for yourself, and want to make a few moves, focus on you. Being selfless is not selfish! If you are truly taking care of yourself, you won't have time dealing with the drama of others.

What's wrong with a little Zen and R&B?  Zen Master Thich Nhat Hann & Soul Songstress Roberta Flack - a rare combo

What's wrong with a little Zen and R&B?  Zen Master Thich Nhat Hann & Soul Songstress Roberta Flack - a rare combo

Here are two powerful quotes on anger by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hahn...

When you are angry, and you suffer, please goback and inspect very deeply the content, the natureof your perceptions. If you are capable of removingthe wrong perception, peace and happiness willbe restored in you, and you will be able tolove the other person again.”

Anger has roots in non anger elements. Ithas roots in the way we live our daily life. If wetake good care of everything in us, withoutdiscrimination, we prevent our negative energiesfrom dominating. We reduce the strengthof our negative seeds so that theywon’t overwhelm us.”

Regarding Roberta Flack...whenever I hear the term "killing me softly", her classic voice is always on the mind.  Her love song isn't necessarily about letting go, but hey....I love it!

On the topic of 'minding one's own business", I  just crack up thinking of one my favorite characters from "In Living Color."  We're going retro here....  Benita needs to mind her damn business! But you didn't hear that from me. :)

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