3 Ways You Are Meditating And You Don't Even Know It….

You know how you are in the zone? Your attention is either sharply focused or completely relaxed. For me, for some reason this notion dawned on me when I was swimming in the pool. Swimming is my favorite sport (and the only sport I can actually do well.) It's in the stars for me as my water sign, Cancer, is often in full effect. This Cancer Girl is happiest near or in water. So during my summer early morning swims at the pool, I feel so alive. It kills me to wake up early to get to the adult lap swim at 7am, but when I hit the water as the sun rises, it's bliss. One day, as I was doing my laps, a thought popped into my head... swimming is meditation. What a sigh of relief I didn't have to feel guilty for not sitting down to meditate on the days I hit the pool.

Photo credit: Jodi Tris

Photo credit: Jodi Tris

As it's always beneficial to meditate daily, I will admit some days, it just doesn't happen. The Buddha's most vital messages are about living in the present moment...and by embodying joy in the here and now, we can live with more peace and happiness. It's not always about sitting in silence. Relaxing into activities that we enjoy or even dislike, can offer us time to clear our minds. The Zen Master Thich Nhat Han talks often about how washing the dishes can be a form of meditation. I've tried out mindfully washing dishes and you really can have a sense of calm in the cleaning zone. As a mom, I am a master at multi-tasking, but I find that great talent of mine can stress me out. There have been times where I am cooking dinner, answering emails, listening to music, watching my daughter's dance routines & doing dishes. Putting an end to all that and trying to focus is helpful. I know lots of people who say cleaning their house helps them relax. Oh how my husband wishes that was me! I wish it was me too, but at least hitting the pool and doing the dishes is a start. Check this out....

Three Ways To Meditate Without Realizing It....

  1. Do what you love and get into the zone...

    When you enjoy what you do, diving deep gets you in the zone..and poof..you can submerge yourself in a meditative state without even knowing it. When I am swimming or dancing or even working on my new biz, I get submerged in a meditative state. What do you love to do that gets you in the zone?

2. Take the train.

Photo Credit: Jose L. Velez

Photo Credit: Jose L. Velez

When I'm on the train and I'm confident I know where I'm going..than I can relax. Sometimes rather than read, I just chill, focus on relaxing and little do I know, I'm clearing my mind. For me, most of the time I rather do this than drive. Plus it's a baby step in reducing my carbon footprint. Is there a time during the day when you are in transit (drivers too) and you take advantage of that precious solitary time?


3. Walk. Walk. Walk.

I had never heard of “walking meditation” until I visited a Buddhist monastery. It sure looks strange, seeing people walking super slow and attentively....being aware of each foot touching the earth. But I've realized that walking around the city streets, I can still practice walking meditation, not by being slow, but by being aware...of my movements and the beauty surrounding me. It can be challenging, yet peaceful and stress-relieving. Sounds crazy, but try it out next time you are speed walking down the street. Just be aware.

What do you enjoy in life that disguises itself as meditation? Whatever it is....do more of it.  Share with me in the comments below...