The importance of internal freedom has come to the forefront of my mind lately. That sense of freedom that comes when we are in the moment of engaging in an activity we are passionate about or we just have an overwhelmingly relaxed feeling of oneness, freedom. Yet sometimes we subconsciously block ourselves from actually doing what we have passion for.  Fear and uncertainty prevent internal freedom from wild, liberating expression. For those of us that have graduated from the carefree days of our youth, finding the time and making our inherent joy a priority can seem nearly impossible. There is just so much we are juggling in this thing called life.

For me I rediscovered my desire for personal freedom with an untapped passion of mine....African dance. I have always been drawn to African dance every time I saw live performances with smiling dancers jumping, shaking to infectious live drumming. I have always wondered if my visceral attraction to this dance form is due to my ancestral lineage. I believe in this stuff. I don't know why it took me so long to actually take action and step my foot into a class to try it out.

For dancers, to dance is to be free. (This is why, as a once serious party girl, I've always been one with the dance floor.) Dance teaches me life lessons. A sense of freedom is necessary. Yet, with Congolese dance, I struggle with letting go. Release the mind, allow the body to be one with the music. Like meditation, thoughts are not necessary, only your soul. The drumming is seeping in and teaching me what freedom is. This dance from the Congo has made me acknowledge I need these life lessons bad. I'm being shown the way.

Photo:  C Fua DIa Congo via World Arts West

Photo:  C Fua DIa Congo via World Arts West

What ignites a sense of freedom and passion in you? Join me in the dialogue...

3 Keys To Living With Vibrant Internal Freedom:

  1. GRATITUDE:  The first step is acknowledging gratitude for living with modern conveniences & education, void of desperate poverty. Once we as humans are not living hand to mouth, struggling to find fresh food, water and shelter, only then do we have the luxury to strive for personal passions, aspirations and freedom. It's difficult to handle both. Not everyone has such luck. We must count our blessings and extend a helping hand to those in need. Being grateful for our lives offers many benefits.  Try stating 5 things you are grateful for before bed or keeping a daily gratitude journal.

  2. PERSONAL EXPRESSION: Ask yourself...What activities do you engage in that offer you a sense of freedom? Have you thought about this lately? If not, make a list of 5 things you once loved to do and don't do anymore or new activities that intrigue you. I have some friends who rediscovered the wild world of triathlons and they work everyday with the joy & struggle of their personal challenges. Another mama friend, gets up in the wee mornings to catch waves surfing at the Rockaways before her busy day begins. It's so inspirational to me. What inspires you?

  3. JUST DO IT! : Pick one thing and set the intention to make it happen. Let fear, laziness, exhaustion, procrastination & all excuses subside. Arrange for childcare if you have kiddies or say no to frivolous outings or tasks. Give this gift to yourself. You deserve it. We all deserve it.

Let your passions ignite within you. Nothing does the job better than movement and action. It starts with you.  I like to amuse myself by referencing classic soul from time to time, so here I go quoting some retro Chaka Kahn, it's time to ask yourself this key question....”What cha' you gonna for do me?” We must take care of ourselves first.  Like I say in my house, "If Mama's not happy, nobody is happy."

Going old school. ..From the album What Cha' Gonna Do for Me © 1981 

    Do share with me below what you love to do. Then just do it! If you can't remember the last time you did so or are have difficulty getting to the root of what actually offers you internal freedom,  than you know it's time to chat with me. My exclusive private coaching program “Ignite Your Insight” will surely shift that & before you know it, you will be radiating. I can't wait to hear what you do to ignite your internal freedom & passions.

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