I wanted to share the power of visioning once again and how visioning can help transform our lives and that of our world. I have benefited greatly from visioning practices and wanted to spread the love. In today's world of beauty and joy paired with devastating current events throughout the world, the practice of subconscious deep reflection is quite empowering and enlightening. We feel renewed, rejuvenated and way less stressed. A feeling of peace can emerge.

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Visioning is about stopping to reflect, allowing yourself to become aligned with your life's purpose. When you give yourself the time and freedom to seriously embody how you envision your life to be, you can gain crazy insights with razor sharp clarity. Your inner wisdom blossoms, a sense of fearlessness just may arise and all of a sudden anything appears possible. Visioning invites you tap into your intuition, which is instrumental to authentic, mindful living.

With powerful visioning, over time you can awaken that energy that will lead you to your life's purpose---connecting to your core---the legacy you want to leave behind. We all have something waiting to be born. Do you have an idea? I'm working on mine and enjoying the ride.

I have experienced the power of visioning in too many ways to count. But I can tell you these practices gave me the insights and conviction to transition into a new coaching career, which completely different from my lifelong career in fashion and art. Once the intention was made, action, persistence & patience put it into reality. Check out my tips....

6 Keys to Powerful Visioning:

  1. Relax your mind.

    Sit comfortably in silence. Just focus on your breathing and try to release thoughts that arise...aka...meditation. Walk within nature, do some yoga. (Those downward dogs go a long way.)

  2. Practice gratitude.

    Count your blessings. Be grateful for all you are, all you have. Spread some love around. Try keeping a gratitude journal or just be conscious of gratitude daily.

  3. Live your future backwards.

    Live the life you want for yourself as if it is your reality right now.

    Take a risk. Surround yourself with those that inspire you. Splurge on something even if your safe self would tell you not to. Be that change you want to be and shifts in your life will appear. As the great Bob Marley said...” Stir it up...'lil darlin' stir it up.”

  4. Create Vision Boards

    Never underestimate the power of an image. Your vision board can empower you with a fresh sense of clarity, excitement, acceptance and even, dare I say...fearlessness.

  5. Speak your truth out loud.

    So the Gods & Goddesses, the Universe, or any other spirit guide you believe, can hear your thoughts, desires and dreams clearly. If you don't actually speak the words, your uphill climb just seems that much more difficult.

  6. Have fun.

    Let go of all those adult responsibilities sometimes and just play. Tap into your inner child and have fun doing things you love. Release inhibitions and go back to the good ol' days. (Anyone want to roller-skate?)


One day, I was walking down the street with a friend and was telling her about the past Visioning Party I was planning. When I described the concept of the Vision Board, she said “Oh, you mean like a mood board for your life.” “Exactly,” I stated. Just as fashion designers, create mood board of inspirational images for each segment of their collections, we can create Vision boards to inspire us throughout our lives. As a visual person, the power of photography and graphics are extremely potent. Images tell stories, express thoughts or feelings that may surprise you.

Now, let's not fool ourselves into thinking all you have to do is state your intentions and put some photos on your wall and you are good to go. Oh no. It's all about taking ACTION! Sitting idle and hoping your life changes will leave you in a sad state of affairs. I've been there, without even realizing it, so I'm here to say it doesn't work.

I love creating a sense of community.  Love igniting passions inspiring “mood boards for your life.” The Visioning events  I host is the cumulation of all this great, fun stuff, plus a chance to unwind, relax, get in tune with oneself and discover some inner wisdom.  It is empowering to create vision boards,  experience a mesmerizing sound bath and visualizations, share dreams and oneself with a fabulous diverse community. I've created many collages in my day and nothing compares to power of the human spirit to unite, uplift and inspire through visioning. That's what my Visioning events are all about.