Welcome to Inarukundo, a place where you can get a bit of inspiration, a slice of my musings on life and learn about my coaching services.  I'm really excited to launch Inarukundo, pronounced “ina-roo-koon-doe”, as it's been a long time coming. So why did I choose coaching as my new career path?  It finally occurred to me that this is who I am anyway. To those who know me, it just makes sense.  My nickname in college amongst my girls was “Mama Hope.”  I just can't get away from my innate inclination to nurture. As the oldest sibling, always looking after my brothers, it is my destiny.

I am a Life Coach, in addition to the long list of roles I've played: mom, fashion publicist and producer, art gallerist, and non-profit director.  I've often wondered why I never just did one thing and admired those that focused on one career and mastered it.  It eventually dawned on me that it's not a bad thing to work in multiple arenas. Engaging in different projects just expands the mind and life experience. It's all good. It's who I am.

There was a time in my life when for some reason I just wasn't satisfied. I had soooooo much to be grateful for ---yet, I was unfulfilled. I live a great life, but I just didn't think so.  There was some serious family drama that I was a big part of, but I was blind to the fact that I played a role in these problems.  I needed some serious intervention. I took matters in my own hands by diving deep into my spirituality, going on retreats at a Buddhist monastery and really learning how to embody mindful living.

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The idea of living mindfully is so simple, yet ridiculously complex.  I will forever be a student and do often slip with my mindfulness, but I can vouch for my life drastically changing for the better when I ...stopped. Sat down and pondered. Walked slower. Ate slower. Opened my eyes. Felt deep gratitude each morning and evening. Noticed the sky, trees and nature as I walked through the city streets. I became a happier person. I discovered how I could find joy every day. I felt so elated I could finally have compassionate understanding for those preachers on the street corners with their microphones. I didn't go that far, but I wanted to spread the love. And I did. Over time my practice and the embodiment of my new mindset yielded dramatic and miraculous results. The negative relationships in my life did a 180.˚ I'm still in shock!

During all this soul searching I found that I wanted to be of service in a more expansive way. I discovered coaching was right up my alley, as I love talking, love psychology and with an innate sense of empathy I thrive on inspiring others to look deep and think big!  Since I am what I call a “recovering perfectionist,” I try in baby steps to “let go.”  It's a process, but I'm on the path.  For all those perfectionists out there--it's time to take a chill. I'm trying to take my own advice as I write this blog. I've been journaling since I was 6 years old, but sharing personal thoughts online is really not my thing.  But as a coach I realize I have to be honest and stand in my truth in order to connect and help others. So, I'll try really hard not to over-analyze every word I write or every video I produce. I'll just “let go.” We'll see how that works for me.

Thanks for stopping by Inarukundo and feel free to write me to share your thoughts. Come join me on the dance floor of life. If anyone can get you up and out, it's me.  (Just ask my friends!) Life may not be “perfect” but we only get one chance, so we gotta do what we gotta do to live it to the fullest. 

Lots more to come...