"Do I contradict myself? / Very well then I contradict myself, / (I am large, I contain multitudes.)"
- Walt Whitman



Hi, I'm Hope and as per my favorite Walt Whitman quote, I am many things, as we all are.  I love style and spirituality, music, friendships, nature, travel, artistic expressions and Buddhist philosophy.  I'm a tree-hugging city girl who never resists an opportunity to hit the dance floor. Most importantly, I'm a mama to a fantastic little girl and a wife of a wildly creative artist. 

I have always viewed the world through a psychological point of view....why people do what they do?  I'm inspired by creative, passionate people and even more than that, I LOVE to inspire others to look deeper and discover their life's purpose, their true calling, that true love, develop inner peace, transform that relationship, live with authentic happiness.

I've had a long career in fashion, inspired by my fabulous grandmother, and have a deep love and respect for fashion as an art form. I'm mesmerized by breathtaking photography, incredible art, that must-have shoe, the drop dead dress, the innate beauty of life and enchanted forests.  I'm trying to get over my magazine collecting obsession. One of my favorite guilty pleasures is reading the “Modern Love” articles from The New York Times Style Section. My overall motto in life is....”If you look good, you feel good.” It's just that simple.  

After I took some time off from a fashion career to be a stay-at-home mom with my daughter, I partnered with my hubby to open an art gallery, which has been a wild, fun ride.  Yet, with much soul searching, I discovered that coaching is absolutely a strong calling for me.  This is what I have been doing my whole life naturally. My educational background is in Psychology (BA), I practice as a perpetual student of Engaged Buddhism and am a Certified Professional Coach accredited by The International Coach Federation (IFC).  My holistic approach to transformation  incorporates practices for mindful living, which in turn spices up your spiritual, social and professional lives.  The resulting eye-opening shifts in perception get you all hyped up to dream big and take some serious action to live and love your best life.

I do have an edge...I'm African, Italian and German, which gives me a completely unique perspective on life, multiculturalism and race.  My my African middle name, Inarukundo, which in Kirundi means 'a girl who possesses love'...just about sums it up.



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