When you give back, not only do you do good, you feel good.  Here are just two organizations I adore and support...


h2 Empower

The non-profit h2 Empower Inc. is near and dear to my heart because it's a family affair, my mother, brother and I started this organization inspired by my mother's lifelong passion...the power of reading.  We've built our first library in Ethiopia, trained teachers and librarians and have sent thousands of books.  h² Empower isdedicated to improving lives in Africa through education & sustainable development.  h2 Empower empowers people by providing access to knowledge and improving literacy skills through education, training teachers and connecting people with the purpose of enriching lives.  Please consider donating to enrich my mom's life's change the world for the better, one book at a time.



h2 empower large class photo.jpg

Women for Women International

For years I have been in awe of what this organization has accomplished around the world to improve the lives of women and girls in war torn countries.  Aside from my mother, Women for Women's Founder Zainab Salbi is one of my idols for social change.  At one of their galas, I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness powerful speeches from women across the globe, in addition former President Bill Clinton delivered the most amazing speech on the importance of women in our world and how the view of women is positively shifting on a global level. It was so awe-inspiring to see how one person truly can change the world.  Ms. Salbi and many guests of honor that evening confirmed that truth.  We are in the age of the Divine Feminine!!!  Women work it out!!!!